About Us

PFHA MarketPlace (MarketPlace.PFHA.org) is a service of the Paso Fino Horse Association, Inc.

The Paso Fino Horse Association, Inc. holds the official registry for the Paso Fino horse in the United States. The PFHA mission is to “represent the Paso Fino horse to the American public,” and it does so by holding training clinics, sponsoring shows and demonstrations, hosting trail rides, and publishing materials to educate people about the breed, including the Paso Fino Horse World magazine. The PFHA provides programs and competitions for members that allow a wide variety of involvement and activities surrounding the Paso Fino breed. The PFHA is made up of 24 regions around the country and internationally that encompass over 5500 members and 55,000 registered horses.

The Paso Fino horse is the smoothest riding horse in the world. Willing and spirited under saddle, yet quiet and gentle at hand, the disposition of these horses lends to their versatility. They are used for show competition, endurance and trail competitions, Cowboy Mounted Shooting, parades, drill teams, driving, team-penning, and so much more.

The Paso Fino horse naturally performs a smooth, four-beat lateral gait at three varying speeds: Classic Fino, Paso Corto, and Paso Largo. They also walk, canter, and gallop. In all speeds, the rider should appear virtually motionless in the saddle. Bred for good physical balance, the Paso Fino is quick, sure-footed,and very athletic. The Paso Fino movement is completely unique to the breed, and it may be unlike anything you’ve ever seen before — ride one, you'll love it.